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White Cats and Deafness


Hereditary deafness is a major concern found in white cats, and especially so if one or both eyes are blue.

Research has found that only 17-22% of white cats with non-blue eyes are born deaf. The percentages rise to nearly half (40%) if the cat has one blue eye. An upwards of 65-85% of all white cats with two blue eyes are deaf. Some of these cats are deaf in a just one ear. Interestingly enough, if a white cat has one blue eye, the ear that is deaf tends to fall on the same side as the blue eye.

Cats with only one deaf ear out of the two tend to appear normal and their issue may never be known to their humans. Even if born completely deaf, cats can live perfectly fine lives as long as you take heed to not put them in situations where they must rely on audible cues (i.e. the outdoors). There is no treatment for hereditary deafness.

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Meet the Staff: Isabella


We hope you've met her.

Maybe you've seen her sleeping on a chair in the lobby or waiting with hopeful eyes by the water cooler. There's a chance she has stepped on the scale with your pet at weigh in and a strong possibility that she has investigated the contents of your purse or wallet when you tried to pay your bill.

"She" is Isabella, our resident tabby cat, whom we call "Bella" for short. Dr. Fox adopted Bella from an organization called "Alley Cat Rescue" back in 2005. She is approaching her thirteenth birthday and is in good health but for some allergies that require medication. Alley Cat Rescue is now called "Gulf Shore Animal League" and they work tirelessly at their "Trap and Release" program, which catches feral cats to be altered and then released in an attempt to help control cat overpopulation. Over the years, Dr. Fox has worked closely with Gulf Shore, altering hundreds of cats and treating many more various health issues.

Our Bella loves to lick the plastic bag lining the garbage can. She likes to lie down on the appointment book when we need it and pull lollipops out of the candy basket and drop them on the counter when she feels like it. She offers no apology for these infractions and we allow them because of what she does offer. She is the welcoming friend in the lobby while you're waiting. She's the demanding but sweet inspector at checkout. She is comfort when a loss occurs and she is our one and only Bella; the feline member of our family. We hope you've met her.