How to help turtles cross the road safely

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As the weather gets warmer, turtles are more likely to be seen trying to cross roads. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has tips for helping turtles cross roads.

  • Keep your own safety in mind – be aware of traffic. Signal properly when pulling over.

  • Be careful when handling an animal – an animal crossing the street may be injured or apt to bite. The USFWS says that there are times when just standing by as an animal crosses the street may be the best way to help.

  • A car mat can be helpful – by sliding a car mat under the turtle or animal, you can help without having to actually pick it up. Also make sure to put the animal on the side of the direction it was traveling.

  • Do not try to pick up an animal by the tail – check out this video on how to help a turtle. The USFWS also recommends holding a turtle by the base of the shell and not the side.

  • Get help for injured turtles – Contact your veterinarian or a wildlife rehabilitation center if you find an injured animal.

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