8 Ways to Keep Puppies Cool in Summer

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At such a young age, puppies are still learning how to regulate their body’s temperature when it’s hot out. It’s up to us as their caretaker’s to keep them comfortable on sweltering hot summer days. While letting your pup chill indoors with the air conditioning on, owners need to create an environment conducive to cooling down for outdoor pups.

Provide a Shady Rest Spot

If you don’t have shade provided by a tree in the yard, an outdoor patio umbrella or sunshade canopy that covers a portion of your dog’s run will work just fine. Also to consider is a well ventilated dog crate or doghouse with ample airflow. Providing several options will teach your pup where to seek shelter when their body temperature rises.

Offer Cool Drinking Options

Cold water aids in the evaporative process that happens when your dog pants. It’s one of the main ways that puppies (and dogs) regulate their body temperature. However, playful pups may dump or tip over the water bowl. One way to avoid such an incident is to dig a bucket-sized hole in the ground and fit a watering pail or bowl inside. This will stop your pup from tipping over their watering well. The soil will also act as a great insulator, keeping the water cooler for longer.

Create a Water Fountain

A water faucet attachment can transform your hose bib into a puppy water fountain. Special attachments like the Lixit Faucet will provide your puppy water on their demand. Train them to activate the drinking fountain before leaving them alone.

Freeze a Treat

Fill your pup’s favorite rubber chew toy (like a Kong) with soft food blended with chicken brother or water. Then, stick it in the freezer. Offer these pup friendly ‘pupsicles’ to help your pup stay cool.

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Misting Fans

Misting fans made for pets will keep your pet’s fur damp, keeping their body temperature under control. Avoid placing misting fans on bare ground, as it can create a muddy mess (which is very enticing to a puppy).

Pool Party Plans

A kiddie wading pool is perfect for a pup. Place in the shade, invite a few doggie friends over, and tire out exuberant pups. This is a great way to familiarize your puppy with water and water sports.

Dig a Dugout

A sandbox in a shaded corner of the yard will keep your pup cool. Puppy’s that love a good afternoon dig might even excavate their own spot. Wetting down a spot of sand for them to dig will create the perfect nest to chill and escape the heat of the day. Sand is a great medium for digging, and is far easier to shake out of fur than say, dirt or wet mud.

Cooling Tech for Pets

You can find cooling bandanas, collars, jackets, and mats for indoor/outdoor use. Soak in water before leaving and your pet is good to go for roughly five hours.

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