Bella's Byline

     It's been a full day for me patrolling the clinic. The one they call "Doctor" smiled at me this morning. I ran away from him  immediately. I know he wants to give me shots and examine my limbs to maintain my health. Although this is supposed to be good for me, I do not wish to participate. I will maintain my practice of fleeing when he approaches.

     No one appreciated me lying down on the appointment book this morning. They kept moving me to write in it. I merely wanted to cover up the names of all the pets so that none of their appointments could be cancelled. I like to observe others when they come to see the doctor. I even cleaned myself for half an hour while I covered up the book. At least Jo Anne appreciated that. She scratched behind my ears for a while.

     A very nice client brought in a fruit basket for everyone and a brand new bed for me. Everyone showed it to me and pointed at it. I stared at it for a full ten minutes to show my appreciation. Then I crawled under the front desk and stuffed myself into an old box I like and fell asleep. When I woke everyone was at lunch. I climbed out of my box and stretched. Then I headed to the lunch table to begin staring. I was offered bits of cheese and a piece of ham even though I know someone had a tuna fish sandwich. I could smell it from where I sat on the floor. I stared at the offensive offerings in an attempt to hold out for some tuna. When this did not work, I ate the piece of ham and stalked off.

     I made my way over to a jack russel who was boarding with us. He started barking at me, so I sat down in front of his cage so we could get to know each other better. This seemed to anger him. He continued to bark and then he kicked his water bowl, causing some of the water to splash my paw. Although I like to befriend all pets that come to stay with us, I do not like to be splashed, so I wished him well and left, reminding myself that I would have to set aside ample time to clean my paw thoroughly. This would interfere with my next nap, but it's all in a day's work for me.

     As I walked past the next cage I noticed another boarder, a collie, who wagged and smiled in my direction. I gave him my best welcome stare and told him how distinguished he looked in his Thundershirt. Courtney came over to give him some jerky treats. I smiled at the collie but glared at Courtney a little just in case she was the one who hadn't shared her tuna with me. I stayed with the collie for a while until he curled up and looked sleepy. Then I decided to do the same.